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Explore exceptional quality CVD Round Shape Diamond, Trillion Cut Diamond, Star Melee Diamond, Triangle Diamond, etc.
About Khamkar Diamond
Contribution of the robust and resilient diamond, gems and jewellery business of India in uplifting economy of the nation is undeniable, and we are a proud contributor from the sector. Having access to the best cutting and polishing centre and a team of trained manpower, we have made a significant mark as a manufacturer and supplier of some of the most coveted varieties of diamonds, such as CVD Round Shape Diamond, Triangle Diamond, Star Melee Diamond, Shield Diamond, Loose Diamond, Trillion Cut Diamond, Round Shape Diamond, Lab Grown Diamonds, etc. The quality certified and investment-grade precious stones we offer are rare marvels and can captivate any onlooker with their sparkle and exquisiteness. 

Why Choose Us?
We maintain stocks of limited number of the finest diamonds that are produced right in Surat, which is considered the hub of diamond manufacturing not just in India but all across the world. The city accounts to almost 90% of diamond manufacturing, worldwide, and we beam with bride to be an important part of this bustling business. This also means we are never devoid of competitors. However, what help us attract plenty of clients and maintain our edge in business as a celebrated manufacturer of diamonds are several clear competitive advantages like:
  • We Follow Ethics: We create a brilliant variety of diamonds like CVD Round Shape Diamond, Loose Diamond, Triangle Diamond, Trillion Cut Diamond, Star Melee Diamond, etc., using ethical production practices. 
  • We Encourage & Motivate: We prioritize the safety of our workers as we do various jobs. Besides, as we draw our strength from our people, we make sure we provide them with an environment where they thrive as they work.
  • We Build Trust: We work hard to strengthen the trust of clients buying our stunning gems. We follow the right grading system to analyse the cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight of each stone and ensure we only sell authentic gems that bear the hallmark of our quality seal. Our jewellery professionals evaluate individual diamonds to deliver stones that are immaculate in shine, polish and proportion. We aim to maintain client trust by offering perfect products, including a magnificent line of CVD Diamonds (crafted through Chemical Vapor Deposition) that ranks high on purity and sharpness.

Our Motivation
We began work with our love and passion for diamonds. We are a team of people that believes in cherishing client relationships as much as we love the way we engage in creative diamond manufacturing process, every day. This fuels us to enthrall buyers, right from the first call to the time the order is packed well and safely delivered.
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